Practical Perspective: The Impact of Teaching Environment


Special education administrators today struggle with teacher turnover, retention, and overall job satisfaction. While many factors contribute to these issues, check in with the Administrator Awareness blog to learn about five key areas that contribute to attracting, improving, and retaining your special educators!

    1. Teaching Environment
    2. Student Behavior Management
    3. Instruction
    4. Instructional Supports
    5. Staff Collaboration


For this week's post, let's take a closer look at the first factor: teaching environment!

Teaching environment has a significant impact on the physical and emotional engagement of educators as well as students. When educators enter an environment that has been
cleaned, maintained, and refreshed, their performance is stronger. When students enter a classroom and school that meet their unique learning needs, they have stronger achievement. Special education leadership plays a critical role in advocating for the best teaching environments for staff and students.  When leadership is active in this pursuit, it strongly contributes to teacher attraction, retention, and job satisfaction.

 Extra Resources:

  1. Evaluate your classroom environment with this checklist.
  2. Read this research study that assesses the relationship between school faculty conditions and teacher attitudes.


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