Practical Perspective: An Inclusive Classroom


At the Wisconsin SLP Institute this spring, Dr. Paula Kluth spoke about active and collaborative strategies for inclusive classrooms. I found it refreshing to hear so many ideas that would allow students who are nonverbal and using an AAC device or strategy be successful in an inclusive classroom. Dr. Kluth shared ideas for using a single-message voice output device, just like we discussed last month in my post.

One of Dr. Kluth’s classroom-based strategies included the use of “carousel," an activity where "visitors" rotate like the horses on a carousel. For example, in a 2nd grade classroom, small groups may each make a poster of compound words (e.g. swimsuit, lunchbox). Those acting as visitors tour the different groups, and a child using an AAC single-message device would share the poster giving a 60-second message that explains the poster. This message should be recorded prior to the tour by other students in the small group. The child could share the message with each visitor, giving the student many opportunities to utilize the AAC device within one carousel activity in the classroom.

In Dr. Kluth’s blog, she describes additional and more complex AAC strategies. For example, in her Talking Sticks Activity she identifies a way to maintain a topic by accessing a menu on an AAC system. Clearly, her strategies work within real classrooms. Read more about this and other activities on Dr. Kluth's blog!

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