Practical Perspective: Pre-Employment Transition Services, Job Exploration


As you begin to implement Pre-Employment Transition Services in accordance with WIOA, reference this blog for additional information. I will be providing lesson plans for each of the five required Pre-ETS, which will be ideal for the classroom or community. These lessons will also provide a sample of Attainment Company's new Pre-Employment Transition Solution. The goal of this program is to have students transition out of school and have a competitive job that best matches their skills and interests.


Let’s start with the first Pre-ETS listed within WIOA:  Job Exploration Counseling.  This Pre-ETS required activity will help students develop an understanding of which careers are available in their communities, and how their skills, aptitudes, and interests should match potential career choices.

The Pre-ETS activities in job exploration and counseling should include:

  • Discussion of or counseling in job exploration options to foster motivation, consideration of opportunities, and informed decision-making
  • Real-world activities so that students may recognize the relevance of high school and post-secondary education
  • Determining vocational interest through inventories and assessments
  • Exploring the labor market and in-demand industries and occupations
  • Exploring nontraditional employment options
  • Career awareness activities
  • Career speakers
  • Connecting students with career and technical student organizations (CTSOs) or vocational organizations primarily based in high schools and career technology centers


Example Lesson Plan:

Learning Objective:  Student will learn to match their skills and interests with a variety of possible careers.

  1. Use a career interest inventory or vocational assessment to collect information about the student’s vocational skills and interests.
  2. From this information, you may have each student use the CareerOneStop website:
  3. Begin the search by having each student enter one of their skills. Have students explore the jobs that are associated with those skills. Read through the jobs and have each student write down three that would be a good fit.  If a student is unsure about a job, click on it for a description.  Repeat using three different skills.
  4. For the second part, have each student enter a job interest. There should be many jobs that come up. Read through the list and write down three that could be a good fit. If the student is unsure about a job, click on it for a description.  Repeat using three different job interests.


This is just the beginning for students to discover and to learn more about which careers match their skills and interests!

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