Practical Perspective: Preparing For Winter Break


The winter break is right around the corner and we would like to share some helpful tips for  preparing yourself and your students for the break: A teacher’s work is never done!

1. Create a calendar

Create a visual calendar for students so they can see which days are school days and which days are holidays for winter break. This can help students prepare for the change in routine and anticipate when the return to school will occur. Consider sending home copies of the calendar to families, so that they can continue to support their child at home.

2. Maintenance tasks

It is no secret that students can lose or demonstrate regression of critical skills over breaks.  Consider sending home a winter break packet to support maintenance of the skills the student has been working on in class. You may choose to send home flashcards of mastered sight words, number cards, and activity sheets that review targeted objectives. Remember that most Attainment curricula come with a PDF CD or USB flash drive that can make printing out materials quick and easy!

3. Data

With all the holiday business and fun, it is easy to forget about data collection! It is so important to carefully review your student data and determine where each of your students are performing in relation to their goals and objectives. If you utilize Attainment curricula, consider using the assessment and data collection tools provided within each of the programs. This will help ensure you have consistent data to compare with data you will take after the holidays. Solid data helps you to make informed decisions and can determine if regression occurred and if extended school year services are necessary in the future.

4. You

Finally, but most importantly, remember to take time during the winter break to take care of yourself! We hope that you enjoy your time off and cherish special moments with family and friends. Take some time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate because school will be back in session before you know it!


We wish you an amazing holiday season and look forward to sharing more with you in the new year!

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