Practical Perspective: Professional Development


It’s time to plan your 2018-2019 professional development.  Beyond the relentless testing schedule – spring is the perfect time of the year to assess your service delivery!


What went right? What needs improvement? How do you think staff feel about the student achievement occurring in their classrooms? How do you think staff feel about their classrooms? Do you have an easy way to find out?

Over the last few months we have discussed each of the quality classroom indicators included within the Autism and Low Incidence Classroom Observation Tool (ALCOT). ALCOT provides you and your staff with an easy to complete, one-page protocol that highlights the essential educational items for students with a moderate-to-severe disability.  Don’t waste time on a survey that leaves you with 100+ different “things” to work on. ALCOT provides you with a clear path to what research indicates must be a part of every classroom!

  1. Teaching Environment
  2. Student Behavior Management
  3. Instruction
  4. Instructional Supports
  5. Staff Collaboration

Use ALCOT to quickly and easily determine your strengths and needs. Then use the identified strengths to promote focused colleague mentoring while maintaining a clear action plan to resolve needs.  When administrators address quality classroom indicators – both STUDENT achievement & PARENT support consistently improve.

Contact Attainment’s Education Specialist and request your free information about ALCOT today.

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