Practical Perspective: Re-Establishing Routines in the Classroom


Establishing smooth classroom routines and procedures is necessary for the success of a classroom: August isn’t the only time you should teach, practice, and reinforce these behaviors!


After winter break, students may need practice opportunities and clear reminders for important school procedures. It would be well worth investing the time to practice previously taught routines the first week students return to school. Consider building in student-friendly rationales for why these rules, routines, and procedures are in place. With a little extra, directed effort, you can set the tone for a structured and organized second half of the school year!

The following is a list of suggested routines to practice upon the students' return:

  • Entering the classroom
  • Transitioning between activities
  • What to do if independent work is finished early
  • Asking a question
  • Requesting help
  • Requesting materials
  • Requesting to use the bathroom or get a drink
  • Walking in line
  • Playground rules
  • Moving around campus and expected behaviors
  • Cafeteria procedures
    • Waiting in the lunch line
    • Expected behaviors while eating
    • Cleaning up
  • Labeling papers
  • How to listen while others are speaking
  • Science safety procedures
  • How to work with a partner or in a group
  • Late arrival
  • Emergency procedures
  • Signaling for quiet and attention
  • Dismissal procedures
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