Practical Perspective: Skill Maintenance Over the Summer


Summer is almost here, and another school year is quickly coming to an end! We hope you feel a sense of pride when you reflect on the role you played in promoting student growth and success this school year. This month we want to provide a few ideas for summer supports that can assist students to maintain their skill levels and promote a smooth transition to the 2018-2019 school year.


Do you have a plan in place to help students maintain critical skills over the summer?  For some students the plan may include extended school year services, and for other students you may plan to send summer maintenance packets home.


When planning summer maintenance tasks to support learned academic skills:

  • Use the PDF CD or flash drive included with Attainment’s curriculum resources to print copies of activities for students to complete
  • Provide parents with a list of educational websites or apps for their child to access
  • Create flash cards to review sight words, numbers, shapes, or other rote skills



Maintaining student communication skills over the summer is critical.

  • Do students have access to their communication device over the summer? Do parents know how to program the device and facilitate communication? If not, consider scheduling a meeting to answer parent questions and provide the supports needed
  • Consider providing pre-made communication overlays for students to use over the summer
  • Let parents know that they can download the free, GoTalk NOW Lite App on an iPad to create personalized communication pages



Being out of routine and away from the structured school environment can be stressful for some students. Consider sharing successful strategies for use during the summer:

  • Create and share a document that lists key words or phrases that are used to redirect student behavior
  • If a student uses a visual schedule during the school year, offer to create a schedule that could be used during the summer
  • Provide additional copies of social stories, rule cards, or token systems that are used to support individual students
  • Create a list of beneficial community skills to practice


We hope the end of the school year goes well and you enjoy your summer break!


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