Practical Perspective: Supporting Students to Communicate At Home


During those all-important first few weeks of school, every parent wants to hear from their child about their day. Here are 5 quick ideas to make sure all students can communicate messages at home!


1.) Program a variety of comments to ensure kids with complex needs have the opportunity to say "great," "not-so-much," "liked it," and more, when parents ask questions!

2.) Use an app like Attainment’s SymbolSupport or software like Picture It to depict a quick summary of an activity the student completed in your class today.

3.) Send home a handwritten note to share with caregivers that says something like, "Today, I talked to Suzie and Ben in math," as a conversation starter.

4.) Record a comment and a follow-up question in their GoTalk or another communication device to provide a chance for initiating conversation. They could comment and ask their parent or sibling, "My day went well, and how was your day?" This will allow students who are nonverbal to take advantage of naturally occurring situations and engage with their family members.

5.) Use a single message device to support a student to share exciting news from their day at school. You could even have one of their peers record it at the end of the activity or lesson!

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