Special Educator, Nicholas Newton, Shares His Story. What's Yours?


Nicholas Newton tells us about his experience with Attainment's products. He goes above and beyond to help his students and to support the special education program in his district.


Let me start by saying - I LOVE ATTAINMENT COMPANY! I am Nicholas A. Newton and I teach a self-contained, low-incidence special education classroom in Kentucky. I service students with moderate-to-severe disabilities in kindergarten through 5th grade. I feel that my strongest area as a teacher is instruction, which has only been enhanced by Attainment Company products. The use of scripted and systematic instruction including time delay and the least intrusive prompt hierarchy yields powerful results for my students. When I was just starting to teach, these strategies were especially helpful in writing my IEPs!

Now that I have taught for seven years, I have the opportunity to coach and mentor other teachers in my district. My first advice for a new teacher is to reference and implement the Attainment products they have in their classroom. Not only do these supported curricula make instruction quick and easy, but they also model methods for teaching that can be used across content areas.

Most students enter my classroom as kindergartners with very basic skills from preschool. With the help of Attainment’s products, I have the chance to see phenomenal growth. For example, by using the Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB), I have seen my students with low IQ scores master skills and progress through multiple levels. Reference the chart below to see the progress of four of my students: By May we were already working on Level 4!

Another Attainment curriculum we use is Early Numeracy with some supplemental tools I have developed. With Early Numeracy, my students practice number sense in a variety of ways. The amount and type of manipulatives that come with the kit are incredibly engaging and would have cost tons of time and money to collect myself. This past school year, I had a student master a counting goal (that we had been practicing for a long time) because of the repeated and engaging nature of the curriculum!

Attainment products are designed with the concept of “presuming competence” in mind. My students have made such phenomenal progress that we were featured on a local charity’s television special. Thank you, Attainment Company!

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