Thanks and Reflections: Heidi Barnhill's Retirement Celebration


We celebrated the retirement of a cherished member of our art department last month--Heidi Barnhill

Heidi has contributed so much to our products, our customers, and to the atmosphere here at Attainment, and she will be greatly missed! Here are just a few thoughts and memories from her friends and co-workers.

We'll Miss you, Heidi!

What I think is so cool about Heidi is that she just reinvented herself.  You always hear about people who supposedly do this, but she really did.  She had a whole career as a chemist, and then decided it was time to be a graphic artist.  And she is really good at it.  She has a wonderful eye, and a perfectionist streak I relate to.  I hate to see her go.
 -Marcy Weiland

Heidi has always delivered above my expectation in quality, in a faster than expected timeline. She was instrumental in creating a unified user interface across all curriculum applications, avatars in ELSB and ERSB, and the use of SVG (scalable vector graphics) images in software. Heidi will be missed! She made me a better programmer and made our software better than it would have been without her. 
-Scott Meister

Knowing that Heidi was upstairs and available for help with an image or design conundrum is something I’ve come to depend on and be grateful for. Her response to the question “Do you have a minute?” is always “yes” – even though for me that minute always stretches into a longer time. I will miss her friendly spirit and have been inspired by her integrity and willingness to help without hesitation.
-David Nelson

It’s always a treat to hear Heidi’s great laugh!  Working with her is a dream—she brings enthusiasm and professionalism to everything she does.  And her graphics work is superb!
-Jeff Schultz

Heidi’s got a very bubbly personality.  I’ll always remember how she got a real kick out of me singing “Heidi-ho-ho-ho!” to her.
-Larry Callahan

Working these past 10 years with Heidi have been great. She has been a positive influence with her kindness and always there to help. Her talents have been a benefit to the art department.
-Sherry Pribbenow

Thank you again, Heidi!  Best of luck on your next creative endeavors!

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