Brush and Comb Sort and Assembly

A hands-on, pre-vocational activity for sorting by color or tactile variation

Product Features:

  • Provides brushes and combs for sorting into a divided bin
  • Introduces reach-grasp-retrieval, appropriate placement of objects, and foundational discrimination skills
  • Included within the Pre-Voc One Kit 
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Brush and Comb Sort and Assembly 100B-W $89.00



A basic sorting task with clear tactile variation between the brushes and combs. Items also vary in color, providing the option of color matching with assembly. Take the brushes and combs from the single-compartment bin and sort them into the divided bin. There are many variations available for this task. This task introduces reach-grasp-retrieval, appropriate placement of objects and basic discrimination skills.  

Includes 18 brushes in 3 colors, 18 combs in 3 colors, all durable and washable, bins and instructions. Sorting tasks stress quality and are not normed for speed.


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