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Building Life Skill Portfolios

A functional life and academic skill curriculum for secondary students to develop independence

Product Features:

  • Guides a structured and comprehensive creation of portfolios to reference
  • Includes five major areas of focus: functional academics, home, outdoors, recreation and health, and community, country, and world
  • Each focus area has a difficulty rating and 25-40 skills 
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Building Life Skill Portfolios BLP-02W $49.00



Each of five sections contains 25-40 skill areas which vary in difficulty from 1-5. Sections include: Functional Academics, Home, Outdoors, Recreation and Health, Community, Country and World. A PDF on the CD contains lots of supplemental materials to those provided in the book.

Created by classroom teachers Lynn Henderson and Patricia Winram. Covered spiralbound book, 200 pages, 2006.


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Additional Info

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