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  • This year, we were lucky to feature the artwork of TreVon Patton throughout our catalog! He is an artist and student in Madison, Wisconsin; one city away from Attainment Company! We asked him to create a design that represented his favorite things about school.
  • Happy Retirement, Dan!

    After 36 years of an evolving role at Attainment Company, Dan Hanson chose to retire at the end of 2017. Dan has been an integral part of Attainment and has helped to make the company what it is today. His position was an invaluable trifecta: Vice President, Director of International Sales, and our Human Resources Manager.
  • Crafting Lessons That Change Lives: Meet Whitney Fowler

    As a former transition teacher, Whitney Fowler is a wonderful asset to the Attainment team!
  • Anniversary of Early Literacy Skills Builder

    We had a chance to catch up with a few of the authors of Early Literacy Skills Builder and hear their perspective on how special education and student expectations have changed over the last decade!
  • Transitioning From School to Work: Meet Janet Estervig

    Janet Estervig is Attainment Company’s new Director of Curriculum and Training: Transition, Employment, and Supported Living. Janet has an extensive background with supporting individuals with disabilities and is currently developing the new Pre-Employment Transition Solution (Pre-ETS)!
  • Exclusive: Behind the Book with Kirt Manecke!

    Smile and Succeed for Teens is not the first training program Kirt Manecke has created: He has been helping adults and teens succeed personally and professionally for years. Keep reading to learn more about his background and the resources he has created!
  • Using Art Skills to Help Others: Interview with Deidre DeForest

    Deidre is one of the amazing artists who helps make Attainment Company curricular products visually-supported.
  • Designing the Sound of Attainment: Interview with Ryan Barndt

    Introducing Ryan Barndt, an Audio Designer and Software Technical Assistant at Attainment. Ryan creates audio for our apps and software, so products like GoWorksheet Maker and Stages Math Software will be accessible and sound great!
  • "We invest in our customers": Interview with Leah Bastian

    Introducing Leah Bastian, the newest member of our marketing team! Her previous experience as a direct service provider inspires her each day, and makes her feel especially connected to Attainment’s products and customers!
  • Illustrating Attainment: Interview with Designer Josh Eacret

    Introducing Josh Eacret, the newest graphic designer in our amazing Art Department!

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