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  • AT and AAC Tools

    We are happy to present some of the brand new assistive technology and augmentative and alternative communication tools now available at Attainment.
  • New 2017: Sound Music eBook

    We interviewed author Elizabeth Davis to find out what makes the Sound Music eBook so different, and how it could even elevate the importance of music in your school's curriculum.
  • New in 2017: Science & Math

    We are proud to present two of the brand new math and science curriculum now available at Attainment: Hands on Math 2 and Explore Life Science.
  • GoWorksheet Maker Version 2.0 Is Here!

    We are happy to share version 2.0 of Attainment's GoWorksheet Maker App (a teacher favorite), with a fresh design and even more user-friendly features.
  • Interview: Stages Framework Creator Madalaine Pugliese

    Learn how the Stages Developmental Framework came to be and how it can make a difference in your classroom.
  • 2017 Update: Stages Math Software

    Enter to win one of ten Stages Math Software, a number sense program for basic math concepts.
  • Curriculum Enhancements Are Here!

    Whether you’ve adopted Attainment’s Core Solutions or have a different core curriculum in place, our Enhancement packages for students with an intellectual disability or autism will enrich your lessons in English language arts and math (for elementary and secondary), math tools, and transition.
  • New in 2017: ELSB for Older Students

    We are so excited to present the new Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) for Older Students, designed to give older students who have not been exposed to foundational reading skills, age-appropriate activities to learn them.
  • How to Facilitate Learner Access with the GoWorksheet Maker iPad App

    This post will help answer any questions you might have about using GoWorksheet Maker in your special education classroom.
  • Explore World History: FAQs and Tips

    During our most recent giveaway, we got some excellent FAQs from special education teachers, paraprofessionals and parents, and thought we'd answer some of them here on the blog

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