Container Packaging

A five-item, pre-vocational assembly and packaging task

Product Features:

  • Provides practice with assembling, inserting, snapping, and packaging
  • Offers a jig to help complete task with one hand
  • Included within the Pre-Voc Two Kit 
Product Item No. Price Qty
Container Packaging 305-W $129.00



Begins with a five-piece assembly using inserting and snapping followed by packaging.

Requires five-piece assembly of containers prior to packaging. Users learn inserting, snapping and packaging. The procedure starts with dropping an insert piece into the small container, snapping the cap on the container, inserting the small container into the large container, snapping the cap on the large container and then packaging the completed unit in a plastic box.

Includes 50 large and 50 small caps and containers, 50 inserts, 5 packaging boxes, a training jig, and all bins. Also included are step-by-step assembly instructions, performance norms, data sheets and disassembly instructions with norms.

The jig is provided to help workers complete the task with the use of only one hand.

Quality Criteria: The assembled unit must have all the items described in the materials section. The caps must be secure and the units successfully placed in the plastic boxes. The boxes must be closed to stack properly.




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