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NEW! A nontraditional integration of music information and appreciation into core curriculum instruction

Product Features:
  • Teaches students how to use logical reasoning skills with music
  • Helps to make connection between verbal skills and math skills
  • Formatted as an interactive and engaging eBook 
  • Available for iBook Only

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This alternative approach uses music to help students learn to reason. When administrative and policy issues take over, music and arts education programs are often the first to be cut. Sound Music proposes an innovative way to make music as important as reading, writing, and math in the school curriculum.

As early as kindergarten, music can be used to attract and involve students in the learning process with the main objective of helping them build strong reasoning skills even while they’re still learning the ABCs. It will also help to bridge the gap between verbal skills and math skills, thereby catching students who are falling through the cracks.

Copyright 2017 by Elizabeth Davis. Available as eBook only.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Pre-K, Elementary, Secondary, Transition, Older Adult
Subject Arts, English Language Arts
PDF CD Included No
Author Elizabeth Davis

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