Slater-SunCastle Curriculum Supplements

A set of three curriculum enhancement resources for science, reading, and appropriate behaviors

Product Features:

  • Designed to be used as supplement to PixWriter and Picture It 
  • Includes Simply Science Curriculum, Read and Tell Library, and Behavior Expectations Packs
  • Provides an eight-unit set of science materials, 32 adapted books with corresponding activities, and picture-assisted instruction for appropriate behaviors in school and the community 
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Slater-SunCastle Curriculum Supplements on Disc SL-SCC10W $199.00
Slater-Suncastle Curriculum Supplements Download - Mac SLM-SSCDL10W $199.00
Slater-Suncastle Curriculum Supplements Download - Windows SLW-SSCDL10W $199.00
Simply Science Curriculum on Disc SL-SS07W $99.00
Simply Science Download - Mac SLM-SSDL07W $99.00
Simply Science Download - Windows SLW-SSDL07W $99.00
Read and Tell Library on Disc SL-RT07W $99.00
Read and Tell Download - Mac SLM-RTDL07W $99.00
Read and Tell Download - Windows SLW-RTDL07W $99.00
Behavior Expectations Packs on Disc SL-BE07W $29.00
Behavior Expectations Download - Mac or Windows SL-BEDL07W $29.00




Simply Science Curriculum—
Picture-assisted lessons for grades 3–8

This eight-unit curriculum engages students with experiments, activities, easy readers, quizzes, and projects. Student materials focus on standards-based lessons in biology plus earth, physical, and health sciences. Delivered via disk, with download available on request. Includes the following file types: PDFs for printouts, eBooks, and whiteboard display; PixWriter files for writing activities; and Picture It files for teacher editing or student read-alongs.


Read and Tell Library—Make your own library
A library of 32 adapted public domain books. Each book features vocabulary, quiz, story map, summary, character cards, and KWL chart. Delivered via disk, with download available on request. Includes the following file types: PDFs for printouts, eBooks, and whiteboard display; PixWriter files for writing activities; and Picture It files for teacher editing or student read-alongs. See details below for a list of all 32 titles.


Behavior Expectation Packs—Prepare, Reinforce, Master. Picture-assisted instruction enforces good behavior
Picture-assisted documents for school and community activities. The School Pack focuses on behaviors in common situations—like bus, classroom, and cafeteria. The Community Pack covers ten locations—like grocery store, post office, and public library. 


All 3 programs delivered as PDFs on disk OR via download- works on both MAC and Windows platforms. You must have PixWriter and Picture It software to use these supplements.

Simply Science

8 Complete Science Units: 
   • Animals vol. 1 & 2
   • Earth vol. 1 & 2
   • Electricity
   • Energy
   • Health
   • Nervous System

Common Core Standards
Students with cognitive or language delays now will learn science curriculum. Content in each of the 8 units follows the Common Core State Standards from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Complex and abstract science vocabulary is explained and clearly written in concrete terms with picture-assistance. It is possible for all students to succeed in science.

All of the picture-assisted documents can be opened with an iPad, Kindle, eReader, iPod, smartphone, laptop or desktop. Load lessons onto your students’ devices and use the accessibility options to have it read aloud. Use PixWriter word banks with an interactive white board in class to aid in classroom participation. Save vocabulary cards on the students devices for home study. Print out Easy Reader books and laminate them to be read in reading groups... the possibilities are endless!

“I am so amazed at how much information is in one unit of Simply Science! One of my students won 3rd place at the science fair thanks to the picture-supported experiments!”—Kristen G., San Jose, CA


Read and Tell—Build your own library!

Accessible Literature
Best-selling, award-winning literature has been re-stated with language and cognitive considerations and adapted with Literacy Support PicturesTM. Engage reluctant readers or use in inclusive environments to provide a shared learning experience. Adapted books common in the 2nd through the 8th grades are available to download and begin your next literacy lesson.

Includes Teachers Editions and Student Copies for all 25 stories
Teacher Editions:
Complete lessons for reading, retelling and comprehending great literature. Includes: Adapted book, PixWriter word bands for retelling, vocabulary files, quizzes, Picture It files, story map, summary worksheet, character cards, and K-W-L chart.

Student Copies:
Download the complete Adapted Book straight onto your students’ iBooks or other book reading app. Formatted to work with all devices. Create a multi-media learning experience without having to purchase another app!

“I LOVE these Read and Tell books! The shared experiences between all of the students in my inclusive classroom is invaluable!”—Amber H. Orlando, FL

Read and Tell Titles
"Amber Brown is Not a Crayon" -Danziger "Number The Stars" -Lowry
"Because of Winn Dixie" -DiCamillo "Out of the Dust" -Hesse
"Bud, Not Buddy" -Curtis "The Outsiders" -Hinton
"Bunnicula" -Howe "Red Badge of Courage" -Craine
"Ella Enchanted" -Levine "Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry" -Taylor
"Freckle Juice" -Blume "Sarah, Plain and Tall" -MacLachlan
"The Great Gilly Hopkins" -Paterson "The Secret Garden" -Burnett
"Hatchet" -Paulson "The Secret School" -Avi
"Indian in the Cupboard" -Banks "The Sign of the Beaver" -Speare
"Julie of the Wolves" -George "She's Wearing a Dead Bird on her Head" -Laskey
"Little House on the Prarie" -Wilder "Stone Fox" -Gardenier
"The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" - Lewis "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" - Blume
"Maniac Magee" -Spinelli "There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom" -Sachar
"Missing May" -Rylant "Thunder Cake" -Polacco
"Muggie Maggie" -Cleary "The Trumpet of the Swan" -White
"My Side of the Mountain" -George "The Whipping Boy" -Fleis

B.E. Packs—Behavior Expectations
Prepare, Reinforce, Master
The perfect portable guide for your students. The picture-assisted documents PREPARE your students for new situations, feelings and expected behavior. REINFORCE expectations with these positive, simple and direct messages. Your students will MASTER their surroundings with these multi-media tools. Each B.E. Pack is delivered via download for quick reference on iPads, tablets and hand-held devices.

School B.E. Pack
Help your students with bus behavior, lunchroom rules, classroom rules and much
more! 15 school-day situations in this B.E. Pack aid emotional awareness and set clear behavior expectations resulting in a smoother school day. Load them onto devices for a quick behavior modification strategy or print to use them as part of the daily schedule.

Community B.E. Pack
Picture-assisted instruction enforces good behavior in the community. Guidelines for common community locations includes: the grocery store; library; post office; and 7 more. Community service projects, life skills classes, daily errands and unfamiliar situations will all go much smoother with the help of picture-assistance.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Elementary
Subject English Language Arts, Health, Science, Social Skills
Copyright N/A
Platform Windows, Mac
Media Type CD
Downloadable Yes
License 1 computer license

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