What's Cool About Music iPad App

A fun program for students to build literacy skills by exploring melody, rhythm, musical styles, instruments, and music history

Product Features:

  • Appropriate for any age group
  • Blends six interactive books for students to enjoy
  • Includes professional narration, concept review, music samples, and photographs
  • Allows unlimited student logins, personalized settings, and performance tracking 

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App provides unlimited student logins, personalized setting and student performance reports. Whether your students are emerging readers, fascinated by music, or simply lover multi-media reading experiences, What's Cool About Music will become a favorite activity in your classroom because everyone wants to be cool!

Compatible with iPad, iOS or later.

Stuart Stotts is a talented musician, songwriter, and storyteller. He teamed with Joni Nygard, a creative speech and language therapist, to author these stories for individuals of varying abilities to improve literacy skills and learn about music! Visit www.StuartStotts.com for exciting educational opportunities.


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Also available as What's Cool About Music Software and in the What's Cool About Music Program that features the What's Cool About Music Reader.

This app is available for download on the App Store and you can also buy it directly from us. Click here for more information. If you purchase from us, we offer a 25% discount on 5 apps and a 50% discount on 20 apps (see below).


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Pre-K, Elementary, Secondary, Transition, Older Adult
Subject Arts, Literacy
Platform iOS
Downloadable No
License 1 device license

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