WordWheel Program

A supplementary resource for phonics practice

Product Features:

  • Provides 15 chapters of worksheets and exercises
  • Ideal for students of all ages
  • Includes the WordWheel Workbook and WordWheel 


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WordWheel Program WH-02W $39.00
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The WordWheel Program includes a WordWheel and the WordWheel Workbook.

The WordWheel Package includes five WordWheels and the WordWheel Workbook.

The WordWheel allows students to make hundreds of words by turning three self-contained wheels — for word beginnings, middle vowels and word endings. The WordWheel has an easier side for making words like sing and bed, and a more challenging side for words like brush and shake.

The WordWheel Workbook has 15 chapters of student worksheets for use with or without the WordWheel. Exercises provide a variety of categories, for example words that start with "s" and words containing "ing." Worksheets are uncluttered and illustrations are age neutral, making them an ideal phonics supplement for older students.


Includes a covered spiralbound workbook, 180 pages, with a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF and a Classroom License for printouts.  Authored by Judi Kinney, MS.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Secondary
Subject English Language Arts
ISBN 1-57861-595-X
Number of Pages 180
PDF CD Included Yes
License N/A
Author Judi Kinney

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