Attainment's Resource Files

A set of reproducible student activity pages for teaching money, life, and social skills

Product Features:

  • Worksheets taken from ten of Attainment’s best curricula
  • Provides illustrated worksheets for 52 money skills, 106 social skills, and 32 life skills with 70 photo life skills discussion pages
  • Includes a CD with printable PDFs 
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Attainment's Resource Files RF-10W $49.00



Attainment’s Resource Files cover hard-to-teach content areas: Money, Life Skills, and Social Skills. Each file folder includes dozens of reproducible student activity pages plus a PDF on CD for easy printouts. Taken from 10 of our best curricula.

Money Skills features 56 illustrated worksheets that progress from coin identification to making change, 18 banking and budgeting forms, and 27 shopping worksheets for calculating discounts and sales tax.

Life Skills contains 32 pages of illustrated guides for shopping, menu and clothing choices, and daily activities, plus 70 photo discussion pages on personal care, housekeeping, and community topics.

Social Skills includes 106 picture pages illustrating personal, school, and community social skills.


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