Dollars & Cents iPad App

An illustrated and interactive money skills program

Product Features:

  • Provides three progressive programs: Counting Coins, Spending Money, and Making Change
  • Includes realistic graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Allows user to select individual activities, the coins and bills that are presented, and either U.S. or Canadian currency
  • Available as Dollars & Cents Software and as a free download for trying before buying
  • Also offered within the Functional Math App Bundle 

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Attainment Company has produced several functional math programs over the years. As technology continues to change and advance, so do Attainment’s collection of math resources. We now offer a comprehensive iPad app that teaches a variety of money skills: Dollars and Cents. Dollars and Cents features three progressive programs with options to use either U.S. or Canadian currency: Counting Coins, Spending Money, and Making Change. All of the programs feature clear, realistic graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface. Plus, this money talks! Personalize each program: select activities, determine which coins and bills are presented, choose U.S. or Canadian currency, and set scanning options.

Counting Coins has four activities: Naming, Matching, Sorting, and Vending Machine.

In Spending Money, students shop for items and pay for them with computer cash, using the exact amount or the next-dollar approach.

In Making Change, the most advanced program, students function as store clerks, entering purchases and giving back change.

Standout Features:

  • Realistic graphics
  • Age-neutral content
  • Speech supports
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Unified management system
  • Select coins and bills for each user
  • Choose between U.S. and Canadian currency
  • Access Dollars and Cents with single or two-switch scanning.

Compatible with iPad, iOS or later.

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Also available as Win/Mac software - Dollars & Cents Software.

This app is available for download on the App Store. You can also buy it directly from us and here’s how it works: We have free and full versions of our apps at the App Store. The free apps have an in-app purchase option to upgrade to the full version. Attainment will provide an Access Code in a subsequent email so you can convert the free app to the full-featured version.

When ordering apps directly from us, please include the email address(es) of the end-user(s).

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Secondary
Subject Budgeting, Math
Platform iOS
Downloadable No
License 1 device license

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