Life Skill Readers

A 40-story, illustrated reading comprehension program with functional daily living skills

Product Features:

  • Provides text written at a 2nd-4th grade reading level
  • Presents stories of six content areas: community, personal, school, signs, transportation, and work
  • Each story is either three, five, or seven pages in length and includes study questions
  • Software offers a read aloud option with text highlighting and numerous graphics 


Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Life Skill Readers Introductory Kit LSR-15W $129.00
Life Skill Readers Classroom Kit LSR-25W $299.00
Life Skill Readers Book LSR-00W $34.00
Life Skill Readers Software - 1 Pack LSR-07W $99.00
Life Skill Readers Software - 5 Pack LSR-57W $369.00
Life Skill Readers Software - 20 Pack LSR-207W $990.00



Life Skill Readers book sold individually or in kits that include books, a PDF file and software:

  • Life Skill Readers Introductory Kit includes one book, one PDF CD, and the multimedia software on a Win/Mac CD. The PDF CD includes a printable PDF file with a Classroom License that lets you print stories for each student.
  • Life Skill Readers Classroom Kit includes eight books, the PDF CD, and the multimedia software.

Life Skill Readers presents 40 stories in six content areas: Community, Personal, School, Signs, Transportation and Work. Stories describe places (grocery stores, restaurants), things (community signs) and activities (going on a date). Each story has three, five, or seven pages with study questions. The easy-to-read text is brought to life with engaging, colorful photos and is ideal for older students who are reading at a second grade level or below.

By Craig Booth and Judi Kinney with photos by Beverly Sanders. Covered spiralbound book, 290 pages, 2005.

Life Skill Readers Software uses reads the stories aloud to students with professional narration. Text is highlighted word by word, line by line, or by complete sentence. Graphics are plentiful, contemporary and age-appropriate. A test at the end of each story provides speech support and an optional hint feature that directs students to the page that addresses each question. Students can access the software by mouse, touch screen, or single or double switch. A unified management system helps the teacher quickly review or print out student performance data. Teachers can determine reading lists and set options that best suit each student's learning style. Choose word-by-word or natural speech narration, select the text highlighting approach and assign tests.

Software is compatible Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.7 or higher, accessible with mouse, touch screen, and single or double switches.

Save money on multiple copies of software with the 5-Pack or 20-Pack option.  Disk-based software includes a Three Computer License. Available in 1, 5, and 20 packs. For example, a 5 pack can be loaded on 15 computers.

Life Skill Readers is part of the Read to Learn Book Library, a language arts curriculum of 8 titles for transition age students and the Read to Learn Software Bundle — winner of the 2009 Bessie Award for best in educational software!


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Additional Info

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