Core Curriculum Solution: Early Education

A curriculum series for building fundamental skills across content areas for pre-K students

Product Features:
  • Customized to teach students with an intellectual disability or autism
  • Blends curricula to integrate technology with print materials 
  • Supports students with attending to lessons with systematic instructional prompting
  • Offers a variety of tools for providing personalized lessons and degrees of support
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Core Curriculum Solution: Early Education CEE-30W $995.00



Included Products:

Pathways to Literacy Starter Kit — Invites the gradual bridge of student understanding from concrete object use to picture representation. Includes one adapted storybook- Jamaica's Find - and a corresponding Teacher's Guide with five progressive levels of instruction, engaging students with more significant disabilities to improve both symbol use and comprehension. In addition, a Big Button communication device, story-related manipulatives for the story, a card set, and more are included in this kit.

Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) Starter Kit — For students who already have established picture discrimination and awareness of books. It introduces all five of the National Reading Panel components, including phonemic awareness, through fun and engaging lessons. A detailed Teacher's guide, Student Response Book, a storybook, and Assessment Manual are included for two levels.

Tell Me Program — Provides a classroom-wide approach for supporting children who are minimally verbal and beginning users of AAC to build language skills during shared reading, shared writing, and classroom routines. 

Hands-On Math for Early Numeracy Skills — Covers fundamental math skills like one-to-one correspondence, rote counting, and more!

Simply Health Curriculum — Discusses the importance of making healthy food choices, getting exercise, and visiting the doctor.

Learning to Get Along Software — Models positive behaviors and character traits in an engaging and interactive software. 


Additional Info

Additional Info

Subject English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
Age Group Pre-K
Format Blended

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