Teaching to Standards: Math Extension Activity Books

NEW! Consumable student books with additional practice with the four math units in Teaching to Standards: Math

Product Features:

  • Complements and extends Teaching to Standards: Math
  • Story problems either mirror Math Work precisely or provide additional maps, graphs, or concepts
  • Ideal for homework assignments or extra practice
  • Students have their own book for increased independence
  • Each MathWork Activity Book provides 80 pages of additional content
  • Supports a variety of response preferences
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Geometry Extension Activity Book - 10 Pack TE-MG01W $69.00
Algebra Extension Activity Book - 10 Pack TE-MA01W $69.00
Data Analysis Extension Activity Book - 10 Pack TE-MD01W $69.00
Measurement Extension Activity Book - 10 Pack TE-MM01W $69.00
TS: Math Extension Activity Book Package - All 4 Sets TE-ME01SETW $249.00



MathWork: Geometry provides 23 additional story problems for the original MathWork
maps, and 15 extension story problems with two brand-new maps! Students will learn how
to navigate school and a new neighborhood.

With over 35 story problems, MathWork: Algebra facilitates extra practice with MathWork
graphic organizers and trying a new bar graph for extension problems! An appendix in
the back provides a teacher script for the new bar graph. Other extension problems use
additional themes and practice with subtraction.

In MathWork: Data Analysis, students get additional practice with two and three column
tables and the pie charts from MathWork. Extension stories use new themes and characters
for working with MathWork charts and two brand-new pie charts.

Money, perimeter, and area are included as supplemental and extension problems within
MathWork: Measurement. New themes extend MathWork’s Next Dollar strategy so
students may begin to generalize their understanding with familiar graphic organizers!
Expand Teaching to Standards: Math with over 100 new activities to help students apply
and generalize these four upper-level math concepts.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Secondary
Subject Math
PDF CD Included No
Author Leah Bastian, Katherine Trela, Bree Jimenez, and Diane Browder
Copyright 2018

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