Access Language Arts: WRITE iPad App

NEW! A researched and standards-based approach for secondary students practicing reading and writing skills

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A technology-based approach to writing instruction: Complementary to the Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts curriculum and companion product to Access Language Arts iPad App for reading. 

Students are supported step-by-step in constructing grade-aligned opinion paragraphs about eight adapted pieces of literature, including fiction and nonfiction. The program also includes activities for improving reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Researched and proven effective in secondary classrooms, this program may be integrated during instruction using Teaching to Standards: ELA, or used alone to achieve standards-aligned skills in both reading and writing.


Supporting Research Articles:

Mims, P. J., & Stanger, C., (2017). Bringing Meaningful Grade Aligned English Language Arts to the Classroom: Bridging Research and Practice. DADD Online Journal, 4.


Mims, P. J., Stanger, C., Pennington, R., White, W., Sears, J., & Strickler, N. (in press, 2017). Opinion Paragraph Writing Intervention for Students with Significant Disability. Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits, 11 (1).

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