A hands-on tool for students learning spelling and vocabulary word meaning

Product Features:

  • Teaches important aspects of phonemic awareness
  • Includes word definitions for independent practice and self-checking
  • Provides nine color-coded and laminated vocabulary inserts
  • Also included within the High Priority Vocabulary Curriculum
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WordRules WR-04W $18.00



WordRules teaches word meanings and spelling for high-priority words with this engaging hands-on tool! Students practice learning definitions, then self-check their spelling. Users simply slide the insert up or down until the desired word is located. 

Word Sets:

  • Number
  • Calendar
  • Direction
  • Math
  • High-frequency
  • Homophones
  • Synonyms

Set includes two durable laminated 9½  x 5-inch sleeves, plus nine color-coded laminated vocabulary inserts.


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