A hands-on tool for students learning phonics, spelling, and vocabulary

Product Features:

  • Ideal for instructional use and individual practice
  • Provides two working sides of two difficulties
  • Creates hundreds of words with rotating beginnings, vowels, and endings
  • Also available within the WordWheel Program 
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WordWheel WH-01W $15.00



Attainment’s WordWheel has two sides of two difficulties. Side 1 is easier with shorter and more straightforward words. Side 2 is more difficult with more complicated consonant and vowel combinations to make words like pickle or brush.

Design your own activities or try our suggestions: Students learn spelling rules, increase vocabulary and see phonics patterns in action. Three wheels are incorporated into the WordWheel which contain word beginnings, vowels and endings. This is a great tool for hands-on phonics instruction and for a spelling skill builder.

WordWheel is made with durable, laminated card stock, with instructions included. Our unique design is so cool, you’ll want one for every student!



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Additional Info

ISBN 7-01712-00069-1

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