Home- and Community-Based Solution Plus

NEW! A functional solution for independent living and community inclusion

Product Features:

  • Develops the skills necessary for supported living, entry level employment, and community inclusion
  • Includes community-based activities to gain real-life experiences 
  • Provides a solution that guides people to independence through home, community, health, social, and pre-vocational skills 
  • Offers four individual checklists to track success in each domain 
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Home- and Community-Based Solution Plus HCB-30W $995.00



The Home and Community-based Solution (HCBS) provides training and activities to support the expected outcomes for the HCBS Medicaid-funded services for residential and non-residential programs.

Home Solution
Community Solution
Health & Social Skills Solution
Pre-Vocational Solution

This HCBS Solution Plus addresses four key areas:
-Integration and access to the community
-Employment and work in competitively-integrated settings
-Gaining independence and developing independent living skills
-Individual initiative, autonomy, and independence


*Select each included Solution for additional information about the entire package and about all curricula included within the Solution. Individual curricula offer downloadable samples in the Samples and Support tab on their product page.  


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