Solutions for Distance Learning

Here is a list of simple solutions to help you with distance learning. Contact your Attainment Account Manager or email [email protected] for more information about these remote learning solutions.

  1. Lite Apps – Attainment offers dozens of free, lite apps for English language arts, math, and life skills. Easily access them on the App Store for free, interactive content for students at home.
  2. Attainment Hub – This website allows educators to log in and retrieve all printable student materials from Attainment resources purchased (e.g., Student Books, Workbooks, flashcards, graphic organizers, posters, videos, reference guides, software, and more).
  3. Our five research-based ELA software titles, ELSB, ELSB for Older Students, ERSB, Access Language Arts, and Access Language Arts: WRITE, plus Computers at Work, Show Me Math, and Dollars & Cents are available now through a web browser on your computer, iPad, Android tablet or Chromebook. Visit our Web-Based Software page for more details.
  4. Consumable Student Workbooks – Receive discounted prices for Attainment’s 10-packs of consumable student workbooks for all content areas across the grade bands; ideal for parent packets at set pick-up locations for students everywhere.
  5. GoWorksheet activities – Receive free, interactive GoWorksheet activities for the iPad to correspond with various Attainment resources.
  6. Free, Virtual Lessons to Enhance Digital Learning – Attainment’s in-house special education team is continually creating free, virtual lessons to use at home to cover key learning concepts while engaging students remotely.
  7. Professional Development for Teachers – With less face time with students in the classroom, teachers may have time for professional development opportunities. Check out four of our Best Practices Series for various topics and ideas: Teaching Students with ID and Autism, Teaching Students with Communication Disorders, Mastering the IEP Process, and Mastering the Transition Process.
  8. Virtual Manipulatives – Enjoy lessons developed by Attainment’s team to use concrete manipulatives virtually to teach counting, map skills, scientific concepts, and more.
  9. Live, Interactive Webinars – Join our experts in the field to gain knowledge about WIOA and Pre-ETS services and instructional insights for teaching remotely.
  10. Activities to Promote Independence - Print out various sample lessons from our website that encourage independence at home and in life—recipes from Ready, Set, Cook!, a step-by-step hygiene routine, and a task analysis for appropriate social skills!
  11. Communication Boards - Print out these sample COVID-19 related medical communication boards to use with a GoTalk 4+ or GoTalk 20+ or standalone.
    - COVID-19 Chat Board 9+
    - COVID-19 Medical Board 20+
    - Health Concerns 4+
    - Health Concerns 9+