Enhance: AT Tools

A set of assistive technology instructional supports ideal for students with limited to no verbal capabilities

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Enhance: AT Tools EN-AT10W $299.00



A great combination of some of our most popular AT tools.

GoTalks provide fantastic sound with volume control, easy sequential recording, quick level erase, built-in overlay storage, record lock, level lock and 2-year warranty. It’s a GoTalk so it’s easy to use and affordably priced! Use GoTalks to initiate conversations, support daily activities, talk on the telephone, tell personal anecdotes, practice speaking and articulation, give instructions, participate in small group instruction and more.

An inexpensive, single message talker with a large picture display and a big, colorful PLAY button!
The GoTalk One is super slim and light, weighing less than 2 oz. And you’ll be impressed with how good it sounds!

The Big Button has two modes: single message and tap-to-talk mode. In single message mode, you get one great sounding message. In tap-to-talk mode, the user can choose one of up to three messages, controlled by the number of button taps (similar to single- or double-clicking a computer mouse). One button tap plays the first message, two taps play the second message, and three taps play the third.

The Large Communication Book includes three 3 x 3½-inch transparent pockets per page and can hold a single communication choice or multiple options. It's easy-to-open and lays flat until you turn each page with the big tabs. Twelve sturdy vinyl pages, spiralbound.

Creating great-looking overlays quickly is a snap with GoTalk Overlay Software! A built-in GoTalk Library contains over 1200 photos and illustrations plus more than 3700 symbols from the Imagine Symbols Library. It's easy to bring in your own photos to personalize overlays, plus there is an integrated online search feature that gives you instant access to millions of images.

Overlay cells can contain multiple images and text boxes, so you're able to create personalized communication overlays with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Editing features let you adjust color, size and font of the text. You can move, enlarge, rotate and crop pictures as well. Choose from dozens of ready-made templates for all of Attainment's AAC products plus standard paper sizes. Print overlays from any inkjet or laser printer.

 Instructional supports ideal for students with intellectual disability or autism. Enhancements quickly and inexpensively upgrade classroom instruction, regardless of the curricula in place. Enhancements are flexible, and ready to use right out of the box. They blend hands-on and print materials with multimedia software, creating an engaging learning environment that makes teaching fun.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Recording Time GoTalk 9+: 8.25 minutes, GoTalk One: 10 seconds, Big Button: In level mode, 6 seconds per message in nine levels and 14 seconds for bonus level, 68 seconds total. In step mode, 6 seconds per step in up to 10 steps per each of 3 activities, 180 seconds tot
Number of Messages GoTalk 9+: 48, GoTalk One: 1, Big Button: 40
SIze GoTalk 9+: 9 x 12 x 1⅛ inches, GoTalk One: 2¼ x 4¾ x ¼ inches, Big Button: 5 ¾ inch diameter, Large Communication Book: 3 x 3 ½ inch transparent image pockets
Weight N/A
Features Includes one GoTalk 9+, six GoTalk Ones for classroom labeling and basic communication, one BigButton with steps and levels, a Large Communication Book for a low-tech solution, and GoTalk Overlay Software for profesional-looking communication grids and vi

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