An Integrated Curriculum for Early Memory Loss Programs

Product Features:

  • Provides 50 agendas for 25 different topics
  • Ideal for anyone working with people with early memory loss
  • Created from a collaboration between consumer programs and university research
  • Integrates physical, mental, creative, and social activities throughout 
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illuminate is ideal for anyone working with people with early memory loss.

A comprehensive curriculum for early memory loss illuminate gives guidance for planning and implementing a memory loss program. All activities have been field tested and each is designed to encourage participants to use their brains in novel ways. Facilitators can easily adapt the activities and handouts to meet the needs of a particular group.

Includes 25 topic agendas, with outlines for two group sessions per topic. Sample topics include memory enhancement, brain dominance, optimism, stress and relaxation, remembering names, and  self-esteem. Sessions follow a similar format: warmup, homework review, topic discussion, creativity, physical fitness, mental fitness, and homework. An excellent resource for professionals in memory loss programs.

This guide assists in planning and implementing a program that integrates physical, mental, creative and social activities. Program includes 50 agendas on 25 different topics, teaching techniques a wide variety of activities and a multitude of resources.


Written by Dawn Adler R. T., Kristin Einberger and Victoria Haas.


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