Look At Math

NEW! A standards-based, heavily-illustrated curriculum supporting secondary students with math concepts

Product Features:

  • Includes situational and number line illustrations to help with visualization of concepts
  • Organized into three units: Numbers, Measurement, and Fractions
  • Provides 11 chapters with consistent format
  • Progresses in difficulty as students complete lessons
  • Also available within Hands-On Math 2  

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Look At Math Curriculum LAM-10W $159.00
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Look at Math helps older students succeed by creatively illustrating abstract concepts. The comprehensive curriculum covers a lot of territory—from adding and subtracting— to integers, equations, and fractions. Includes a Student Book, a consumable Student Workbook, and Instructor’s Guide.

The Student Book emphasizes both situational and number line illustrations to help students visualize math concepts. Look at Math is divided into three units: Numbers, Measurement, and Fractions. Eleven chapters follow the same 22-page format: Big Ideas, Vocabulary, Picture It and Practice, Story Problem, Quiz, and Challenge. Concepts increase in difficulty as the student progresses. The Instructor’s Guide details 120 lessons—each with an objective, introductory script, alternative teaching suggestions, and completed sample Student Book pages.

All the lessons in the Look at Math Instructor’s Guide have the same structure. Each lesson, color-coded by unit, includes the lesson number and lesson title. It also provides a step-by-step procedure for teachers to follow in their daily instruction. Within each step there are additional points that can be discussed to extend lesson content. Thumbnails of the student pages are included as a reference point along with the answers for all the math exercises. To start every chapter, three Big Ideas are presented highlighting the chapter’s key math facts. The chapters continue with four progressive topics ending with an assessment quiz to determine student mastery.

Look at Math makes math concepts more explicit by representing them with number pieces on a number line. Start with reading the lesson title. Then after reading the
instructions, decide whether you would like to set up the materials as described in the lesson (with the electronic resources provided on the USB flash drive). Use a whiteboard to make additional examples of the math problems and to enhance overall student engagement.

Chapters Covered:
1. Add and Subtract
2. Multiply and Divide
3. Positive and Negative Numbers
4. Algebra
5. Standard and Metric Measures
6. Time
7. Money
8. Measure Geometric Shapes
9. Compare Fractions
10. Add and Subtract Fractions
11. Working with Fractions

Curriculum Includes: Student Book, consumable Student Workbook, and Instructor’s Guide with USB flash drive.

Curriculum Plus Includes: The Curriculum plus a total of 10 consumable Student Workbooks, the GoWorksheet Maker iPad App, a set of corresponding GoWorksheet activities, and samples of communication overlays.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Secondary
Subject Math
PDF CD Included Yes
Author Attainment Company

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