Money Books

Laminated, visual cue books for practicing money skills

Product Features:

  • Books are laminated with full-color images for coins and bills
  • Provides visual examples of bill and coin groups for various values
  • Includes three books: Coin Flip, Ten Dollar Book, and Coin Book Cue 
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Money Books MF-01W $19.00



Ideal for community-based or classroom instruction, these laminated money cues have full-color images of coins and bills to make money identification easy.

Coin Flip shows coin combinations with actual size coins so users can match to sample. You need $.30, for example? Just flip to the .30 page and it shows several combinations of coins that give you $.30! Because the coins' images are actual size, you can match real coins to the images.

Ten Dollar Book shows bill combinations up to a ten dollar purchase and when users should expect change back. If you need $7.00, for example, flip to that page and you'll see you can use 7 one-dollar bills, or a five and 2 ones, OR, you can use a $10 bill and expect $3 in change.

Coin Book Cue is a pocket-sized cue that shows coin combinations you might need for bus fare, vending machines or other small purchases.

All books are laminated for durability and easy wipe-off.


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Additional Info

ISBN 1-57861-281-0, 1-57861-371-X

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