Assessment Plus App

NEW! A teacher utility program for converting a data collection form into a customizable and interactive solution on an iPad

Product Features:

  • Ideal for teachers and instructional staff
  • Collects and saves data in real time
  • Allows user to incorporate text, word bank, drag-and-drop, and multiple choice fields
  • Provides the option to open an image or PDF of the worksheet
  • Offers easy sharing through AirDrop, email, print, or cloud storage
Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Assessment Plus App APP-AP-07W $40.00
Assessment Plus App - 5 Apps APP-AP-57W $150.00
Assessment Plus App - 20 Apps APP-AP-207W $400.00



Collect data quickly and easily with wordbanks, text fields, multiple choice selections, paintbrush tools, and more!

Our new Assessment Plus iPad App is a teacher utility that allows you to import any assessment or data collection form and digitize it! Simply open an image or PDF file of any data collection form. Then customize the form to make data collection manageable for both teachers and paraeducators alike. Create multi-line text fields to include customized comments or concerns. Generate word bank options that can be used repeatedly. List prompt types for each assessment item—verbal, model, partial physical, full physical—or quickly add a (+) or (-) sign for easy tracking. Use the multiple-choice feature to compile a rating scale from 1-5 on student performance. Enable the paintbrush tool to simply write or circle the assessment items. 

Then, share the data collection forms through AirDrop, email, print, any cloud storage set up on the iPad (Google Drive or Drop Box), or saved to Photos. In-app purchases available for Attainment’s curricular assessments as well as the new ALCOT Checklist! 

The Assessment Plus iPad App allows you to collect and save data in real time. Ideal for all teachers and instructional staff!


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Additional Info

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