Sequencing Cards

A 116-card set for practicing sequencing skills, ordering events, and storytelling

Product Features:

  • Cards are 3 ½ x 5-inches with a glossy, easy-to-clean finish
  • Offers a progression from three to ten card sequences
  • Pictured skills are everyday tasks and self-help skills
  • Provides number labels on the back of each card to check work
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Sequencing Cards LB-04W $49.00



This 116-card set features common activities with an emphasis on self-help skills. Teach sequencing skills, order of events, what happens next, storytelling, cognitive development, verb tenses and so much more!

Sequences include washing hands, brushing teeth, sharing tea, eating dinner, packing a suitcase, washing the dog, planting a tree, putting together a puzzle, baking cookies, tying shoes, making lemonade, wrapping a present, opening a gift, building block towers, setting the table, grocery shopping, and pouring a bowl of cereal.

Each 3½” x 5” card features a glossy finish that is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. For easy organization, the back of each card is numbered and labeled by sequence and where the card falls in that sequence. Students start with 3-card sequences, then progress all the way up to 10 cards.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Pre-K, Elementary, Secondary, Transition, Older Adult
Subject English Language Arts
Format Accessories

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