Talking Calculator

A functional arithmetic device with English speech output for entries and computations

Product Features:

  • For computation outputs, user chooses between complete number speech or digit-by-digit reading
  • Includes volume control, mute option, and angled viewing display option
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Talking Calculator CAL-T01W $14.00
Talking Calculator - 10 Pack CAL-T10W $119.00



For totals, choose between the complete number speech, “seventy-eight” or the digit-by-digit, “seven, eight.”

Features volume control, mute option and angled display. Designed for desktop use.

Size: Approximately 6½ x 4¼ inches. Two AAA batteries included.

Save money on multiples with the Ten Talking Calculators option.



Additional Info

Additional Info

ISBN 1-57861-205-5
Subject Math
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