Time Timers

A visual-cue, time tracker

Product Features:

  • Allows user to assess how much time is left by comparison
  • Ideal for individual or group activities
  • Provides a visual countdown
  • Time Timer Plus provides additional features and durability


Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Time Timer 3-inch (with auditory signal) TI-T03W $30.00
Time Timer 8-inch (with auditory signal) TI-T08W $35.00
Time Timer 12-inch TI-T12W $40.00
Time Timer Plus (with auditory signal) TI-TP01W $39.00



Time Timers allow you to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time: Users see how much time is left in red on the clock face. The 3-inch and 8-inch Time Timers provide an optional audible signal when time has expired; the 12-inch does not. Use for time scheduled lessons, therapy, or as a countdown to mealtimes and appointments.

The new Time Timer Plus has a convenient built-in carry handle, timer volume control, clear protective lens, and a center dial to set the timer. Size: 5½ x 7 inches.


See also the Time Timer Plus Watches for personal time management solutions.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.


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