Social Skills at School: Elementary

A skills-based curriculum for elementary students to develop an understanding of behavioral cues and expectations of a typical school day

Product Features:

  • Includes social skills for getting ready, transitions, classroom interactions, and breaks
  • Customized to teach students with an intellectual or behavioral disability, or autism
  • Covers 53 relevant social skills with self-monitoring checklists 



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Social Skills at School: Elementary Curriculum SS-E10W $149.00
Social Skills at School: Elementary Curriculum Plus SS-E30W $199.00
Social Skills at School: Elementary Student Workbook - 10 Pack SS-EC01W $69.00
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The updated Social Skills at School: Elementary is a perfect social skills program for elementary students with autism, intellectual, or behavioral disabilities. This new version now comes with 5 components: Card Set, a DVD, Teacher’s Guide, Student Book, and consumable Student Workbook. The Teacher’s Guide focuses on 53 relevant social skills, organized in a way that coincides nicely with a typical school day. Each skill in the Teacher’s Guide provides teacher guidelines that include an objective with five benchmarks, a problem-solving checklist, and a script for teachers to follow when reviewing the skill with students. The Student Book, now updated in full color, provides a self-monitoring page for each social skill, so students can easily track their social progress. The new consumable Student Workbook allows students to keep and share their social success with peers, instructional staff, and their parents!

Social Skills at School Cards is a behavioral and social skill card game, for students grades 1–6. The cards Illustrate 50 typical, daily social skills in school scenarios with five easy steps to follow. Each card shows a skill with a relevant photo, lists sequential steps, and suggests talking points. Give a card to each of your students so they can focus on their deficit skill areas. Students can then use the card as a prompt throughout the school day.

Sample Social Skills:
• Getting ready – Walking to school and riding the bus
• Transitions – Class-to-class transition, waiting for the bus
• Classroom – Large group activities, quiet time
• Breaks and special events – Lunch, crisis drills
• Any place – Greeting teachers, asking for help
• Peer relationships – Starting conversations, being a good sport
• Super social skills – Following directions, accepting others
• Teacher resources – Skill assessments, behavior goals

Curriculum: Teacher's Guide with flash drive, Student Book, consumable Student Workbook, a DVD, and 1 card set.

Curriculum Plus: The Curriculum plus a total of 10 consumable Student Workbooks, the GoWorksheet Maker iPad App, corresponding GoWorksheet Maker activities, and samples of communication overlays. 


Additional Info

Additional Info

Subject Social Skills
Age Group Elementary
Format Print, Video

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