A seven-stage framework for cognitive and language development

Product Features:

  • Covers learner considerations, relevant issues, communication strategies, tips for evaluating software, and a skills checklist before moving on to the next stage
  • Includes references to research and published articles
  • Provides recommendations for software, apps, and manipulative materials
  • Available as a multi-media eBook from the iBooks Store


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This book details Madalaine Pugliese’s systematic framework and presents seven stages of a learner’s cognitive and language development. Each stage is outlined with learner considerations, relevant issues, communication strategies, tips for evaluating software, and an Observable Skills Checklist for moving on to the next stage. Also included are references for research and other published articles, plus recommendations for software, apps, and manipulative materials. 

The seven stages are developmental and systematic. They are competency-based, rather than on age or grade. Stages One through Three are sequential and focus on Language Foundations. Stages Four through Seven, which are not sequential, focus on Academic Discovery to assess competencies within interconnected skills.

The 7 Stages of Cognitive and Language Development Included:

  1. Cause and Effect
  2. Language Readiness
  3. Emerging Language
  4. Early Concepts
  5. Advanced Concepts and Communication
  6. Functional Learning
  7. Written Expression

Stages iPad app bundle is comprised of nine apps from the book's recommendations lists

By combining cognition and language skills, the framework’s strategies provide common ground for IEP teams. Use these strategies to assess and select appropriate learning materials.

The Stages Book includes a disc with PDFs of the book, Observable Skills Checklist, and references providing links to research articles. The book pdf provides links to software publishers’ websites and the app store. The Stages Book is available with or without the App Bundle described below, and is also sold as an eBook. 

Book by Madalaine Pugliese, MS, EdS, Spiralbound, 222 pages, Includes PDF disk for printouts.


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