Success Series Bundles

A group of independent living skill programs ideal for transition students

Product Features:

  • Provides easy-to-navigate programs with age-appropriate images
  • Offers quizzes to test comprehension and progress monitoring
  • Combines video modeling, short essays, step-by-step instruction, and vocabulary
  • Includes three programs: Personal Success, Social Success, and Community Success in disk or iPad app format
Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Success Software Bundle - 1 Pack SUC-073W $229.00
Success Software Bundle - 5 Pack SUC-0573W $859.00
Success Software Bundle - 20 Pack SUC-2073W $2,290.00
Success App Bundle - 1 Pack APP-SUC-073W $135.00
Success App Bundles - 5 Pack APP-SUC-0573W $335.00
Success App Bundles - 20 Pack APP-SUC-2073W $900.00



Success Software  and App Bundles combine three independent living skill programs to form a comprehensive curriculum for transition students. 

Personal Success, based on the Explore Personal Care Curriculum, covers hygiene, dressing, health, and safety skills with separate presentations for men and women.

Social Success, based on the Explore Social Skills Curriculum, focuses on 50 important interaction skills for school, work, home and community environments.

Community Success, based on Explore Your Community Curriculum, provides lessons on transportation, shopping, dining, banking, and recreation activities.

These easy-to-navigate programs share many features. Text is accompanied with professional narration; photos and drawings are age-appropriate and illustrate key points; and quizzes test student comprehension.

The three programs provide video modeling, short essays, step-by-step instruction, and vocabulary development for each of the 99 activities. User Management System allows unlimited log ins, so you can personalize content and settings for as many students as you like.

Disk-based software includes a Three Computer License. Available in 1, 5, and 20 packs. For example, a 5 pack can be loaded on 15 computers. Software is compatible with all current Windows and Mac operating systems. Programs are Whiteboard ready and scanning capable.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Transition
Subject Life Skills, Personal Care, Shopping, Social Skills, Transition, Work Skills
Platform Windows, Mac
Media Type CD
Downloadable No
License 3 computer license

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