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  • Practical Perspective: Skill Maintenance Over the Summer

    Summer is almost here, and another school year is quickly coming to an end! This month we want to provide a few ideas for summer supports that can assist students to maintain their skill levels and promote a smooth transition to the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Practical Perspective: Incorporating Supplemental Resources

    Did you know that ALL of Attainment’s curricular resources come with a disc or flash drive that contain PDFs of student materials and an image library?
  • Practical Perspective: Professional Development

    It’s time to plan your 2018-2019 professional development.  Beyond the relentless testing schedule – spring is the perfect time of the year to assess your service delivery!
  • Practical Perspective: Model-Lead-Test Direct Instruction Approach

    As teachers, we often measure the success of our instructional lessons by the instructional gains our students make. Research shows that evidence-based teaching strategies are likely to have the largest impact on student results. This month, we are going to focus on the direct instruction approach called Model-Lead-Test.
  • Practical Perspective: Attainment Academy

    Attainment Academy provides training and educational courses from experts in the field, using best practices, evidence-based methods, and successful models of support, all of which will positively impact your professional career. Attain your continuing education goals through this new professional development online series!
  • Practical Perspective: Staff Collaboration

    I hope this blog finds your February school days going well. We’ve come to the final quality indicator: staff collaboration. When staff actively work together as a team, student achievement is increased!

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