Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts

A research- and standards-based curriculum for secondary students to learn language arts with age-appropriate novels like Holes and Number the Stars

Product Features:
  • Highlights persuasive writing, grammar, vocabulary, literacy comprehension, listening skills, and research
  • A multiyear curriculum that aligns with Common Core, state standards, and national standards
  • Research proves high success for teaching grade-level standards to students with an intellectual disability or autism
  • 16 pieces of popular literature have been modified with simplified story lines, repeated text, and symbol support
  • Includes four theme-based units of study with eight individual lessons within each unit: change, values and decision making, social justice, global awareness
  • Offers three literacy levels for least intrusive prompting: object/photo, concrete symbols, written text

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Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts Introductory Kit TE-LA10W $349.00
Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts Classroom Kit TE-LA20W $699.00
Daily Writing Journal TE-LAD01W $34.00
Right On Reader, Book 1 TE-LAR01W $34.00
Right On Reader, Book 2 TE-LAR02W $34.00
  • grade_6-12
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Differentiated Instruction

    This product integrates individualized student objectives to encourage active participation and access to learning.

  • Data Capture
    Data Capture

    This product includes ongoing assessments and progress monitoring tools to capture data and document student achievement.

  • Research Based
    Research Based

    This product uses highly effective instructional strategies supported by research to promote student learning and progress.

  • Standards Alignment
    Standards Alignment

    This product aligns to both state and Common Core standards.



What's Included?: 

Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts Introductory Kit: 

Access Language Arts iPad App and Access Language Arts Software – provide a technology-based approach to language arts instruction 

Access Language Arts: WRITE iPad App and Access Language Arts: WRITE Softwareprovide a technology-based approach to writing instruction

Right On Readers – includes 16 popular works of literature commonly used in the general education classroom, adapted with simplified text, repeated storylines, and symbol supports. The adapted literature includes fiction and nonfiction stories, poetry, theatrical scripts, and research endeavors. Spiralbound books, 140 pages and 180 pages, 2013.

Daily Writing Journal – features comprehension and opinion exercises linked to lessons. Students can write or use illustrations to compose entries. Spiralbound, 144 pages, 2013.

Student Response Book – provides teacher scripts and two response modes: symbols with text and text alone. Spiralbound, 172 pages, 2013.

Implementation Guide – details the evidence-based teaching practices embedded in the curriculum, relevant research findings, and a comprehensive scope and sequence. Spiralbound, 100 pages, 2013.

2 Teacher's Guides – focus on lesson plans with color-coded teacher scripts and appropriate student adaptations. Spiralbound books, 256 pages and 318 pages, 2013.

Assessment Response Book – provides documentation for student attainment of learning objectives. Spiralbound, 76 pages, 2013.

Graphic Organizers – offers three ready-made activity boards: KWHL Chart, T-Chart, and a Story Map.

Script Cards – includes 13 cards for teaching concepts repeated throughout the curriculum. Cards are two-sided so students may view definitions during teaching.

Card Set – includes 350 cards representing vocabulary and elements of story grammar are provided for each unit. They are color-coded by unit, but can also be organized by story grammar element, or by literacy level.

Electronic Files – includes all the reproducible material in the curriculum plus a Classroom License for printouts on a DVD. All illustrations used in the student materials are provided in an image library, allowing you to use images for AAC devices, to create additional materials for students who eye gaze as a response, or to provide response options for the Daily Writing Journal.


Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts Classroom Kit: 

All materials from the Introductory Kit with an additional 3 Right on Readers (4 total), 7 Daily Writing Journals (8 total), and a copy of Holes, We Beat the Street, The Outsiders, Number the Stars, and Dragonwings.


Skills Covered:

  • Vocabulary understanding
  • Making connections with the text
  • Generating opinions
  • Supporting opinion with facts
  • Sequencing events
  • Writing persuasively
  • Writing poetry
  • Researching a topic
  • Writing facts about the topic
  • Identifying mood, emotion, and author's purpose and intent
  • Identifying story grammar elements: main character, setting, problem, and solution
  • Identifying figures of speech: simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia
  • Improving listening comprehension for literal recall, inference, analysis and main idea


By Pamela J. Mims, PhD, Angel Lee, PhD, Tracie-Lynn Zakas, PhD, and Diane M. Browder, PhD.

Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts is also part of our Core Curriculum Solution: Secondary.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Subject English Language Arts, Literacy
Age Group Secondary
Author Pamela J. Mims, PhD; Angel Lee, PhD; Tracie-Lynn Zakas, PhD; Diane M. Browder, PhD.
Format Blended
Number of Pages N/A

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