HealthCare Communication Boards by Vidatak

An evidence-based communication board to support those with limited to no speech in a clinical setting

Product Features:

  • Research has shown this board to improve patient satisfaction, reduce frustration, and improve patient outcomes
  • Options available: EZ Board or Picture Board, both are 11 x 17- inches
  • Picture Board: ia two-sided, dry-erase board with health-related text to communicate symptoms, accompanied with symbol cue illustrations for additional support, and is available in English only. 
  • EZ Board: a two-sided, dry-erase board with specific health-related text to communicate symptoms. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Call Attainment Company regarding additional languages.
Product Name Item No. Price Qty
EZ Healthcare Communication Board - English VID-E01W $19.00
EZ HealthCare Communication Board - Spanish VID-S01W $19.00
EZ HealthCare Communication Board - Chinese VID-C01W $19.00
Healthcare Picture Board by Vidatak VID-PB01W $19.00



Picture Boards

Effective communication in health care situations can be difficult, especially for those with speech disabilities. Vidatak has teamed up with Children's Hospital Boston to create a picture communication board that focuses on health care topics. Designed for the hospital, clinic and school nurse's office, this handy tool uses easy-to-understand symbols and simple text to help users communicate symptoms, requests and pain levels. The 17 x 11 inch, two-sided, dry erase boards are individually shrink-wrapped and preassembled with a dry-erase marker.

Picture Boards are English only.

EZ Boards

EZ Boards are 11 x 17 inches, two-sided, dry-erase boards which come individually shrink-wrapped with a dry-erase marker and marker holder. EZ Boards are available in a variety of languages and used in over 1,500 hospitals throughout the US and healthcare facilities in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

EZ Boards available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. 


Boards are priced individually. Call for quantity quotes or other languages.


Winner of the 2009 New Products and Technology Silver Award, recognizing innovative products serving older adults and families!


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