SLP Mobile iOS Station

All-in-one iPad with app solutions for language intervention

Included with this Mobile Station:

  • iPad with 32GB and WiFi
  • GoNow Case
  • GoTalk NOW app with Ready-Set-Communicate
  • GoVisual app
  • SymbolSupport app
  • GoWorksheet Maker app
  • Plus 2 more apps of your choice. See available apps below.

Choose only two free apps per device.

Product Name Item No. Price Qty
SLP Mobile iOS Station SLP-M10W $995.00
Access Language Arts iPad app SLPA-ALA $0.00
Access Language Arts Write iPad app SLPA-ALAW $0.00
Community Success iPad app SLPA-CS $0.00
Computers at Work iPad app SLPA-CAW $0.00
Dollars and Cents iPad app SLPA-DAC $0.00
ELSB for Older Students iPad app SLPA-ELSBOS $0.00
ELSB iPad app SLPA-ELSB $0.00
ERSB iPad app SLPA-ERSB $0.00
Looking for Words iPad app SLPA-LFW $0.00
MatchTime iPad app SLPA-MT $0.00
Mini Mystery Readers iPad app SLPA-MM $0.00
Personal Success iPad app SLPA-PS $0.00
Read to Learn iPad app SLPA-RTL $0.00
Show Me Math iPad app SLPA-SMM $0.00
Social Success iPad app SLPA-SS $0.00
Sound Out Chapter Books iPad app SLPA-SOCB $0.00
Stages Math iPad app SLPA-SM $0.00
What's Cool About Music iPad app SLPA-WCAM $0.00



GoTalk NOW offers all the essential communication features you’ve come to expect, plus many unique features that set it apart from any other app! GoTalk NOW includes four mix-and-match page styles: Standard, Express, Visual Scene, and Keyboard.

Add auditory cues to allow both auditory and visual scanning. Select automatic or step scanning, adjust scanning speed, and group buttons together by row or column for more efficient scanning. Share communication books with others via WiFi or AirDrop.

The Ready-Set-Communicate in-app for GoTalk NOW provides a language framework to transition from phrase-based to word-based communication. Sentence building is simple with essential category pages. Pages can be personalized to help children express ideas.

GoVisual enriches language development while providing powerful communication in the interaction. Start by adding an image or video to your blank canvas to create a visual scene. Just-in-time programming makes it easy to draw hotspots, add text-to-speech, or record a voice for playback. Increase student engagement by getting them involved in the creation of their own communication!

The SymbolSupport App is an editing program that allows you to effortlessly add symbols to your text. Read documents with a high-quality text-to-speech voice and word-by-word highlighting. Symbolize preexisting written material by copying and pasting the text directly into SymbolSupport. The Slater Literacy Support Pictures™ provides thousands of quality symbols. Change the auto-assigned image to a different symbol, or use a photo from your camera roll or the Internet. Custom symbols are saved for future use.

GoWorksheet Maker lets you create digital worksheets using the camera, an image file, or PDF, that can be customized to your student’s needs. Create text fields, word banks, and drag-and-drop text or image answers. Supportive auditory options can also be added to text or image answer choices.

GoWorksheet uses optical character recognition (OCR) and text-to-speech to read selected text aloud. Additional auditory instruction or student prompting can be added. Students answer questions by selecting from word banks, typing on a keyboard, tapping to select from multiple choices, dictating with Siri, circling or drawing connecting lines with a draw tool, or dragging answer choices.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Age Neutral
Subject Speech and Language
Platform iOS

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