Smoothie Switch

A wired switch for computer or AAC access

Product Features:

  • Available in four different colors: red, yellow, green, and blue
  • Features a large activation area
  • Requires gentle activation force
  • Offers a low profile for activating without lifting hand 
Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Smoothie Switch SMO-01W $59.00
Yellow Smoothie Switch SMO-02W $59.00
Green Smoothie Switch SMO-03W $59.00
Blue Smoothie Switch SMO-04W $59.00



The Smoothie is a beautifully designed, wired switch for computer or AAC access. It’s available in four colors: red, green, blue and yellow. All Smoothies feature a large activation area, require low activation force, give tactile feedback and are easily mounted. Smoothies also have a remarkably low activation profile, so users can activate the switch without lifting their hand off the table. 

Size: 5 inch diameter


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