NEW! A program for converting photos and videos into literacy and communication opportunities on an iPhone or iPad

Product Features:

  • Allows user to draw hot spots with their finger
  • Incorporates speech to text or text to speech option
  • Offers option for multiple images in a collage format
  • Able to send scenes wirelessly to nearby devices
  • Provides the Transition to Literacy (T2L) feature to support literacy comprehension

GoVisual is also available on the App Store.

App Store
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Communicate in the moment with this iPhone and iPad app. Scenes made on one device work seamlessly on the other. Add an image to your blank canvas to create a visual scene, play a video, and create a video scene display to communicate. Tell others the story later too. Increases student engagement by getting them involved in the creation of their own communication! Just-in time programming makes it easy for kids to draw a hotspot, add text-to-speech, or record a voice for playback. Enriches language development while providing powerful communication in the interaction!

GoVisual includes the Transition to Literacy (T2L) feature—a word pops up on display in the scene for 3 seconds of on-screen time—which has been shown to dramatically increase literacy comprehension. This technique is proven effective in research studies at Penn State University, Make a difference in improving communication and literacy for your students . . . GoVisual!

Additional Features:

● Create video scenes
● Draw hot spots with your finger
● Transition to Literacy (T2L)
● Use speech to text or text to speech
● Uses machine learning to help identify objects and shapes for ease of programming
● Create collage scenes with multiple images
● Add text
● Link to GoTalk NOW if desired
● Send scenes/collections wirelessly to nearby devices
● Use iOS 11’s drag and drop to quickly create multiple scenes


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Age Neutral
Subject Assistive Technology
Copyright 2018
Platform iOS
Compatibility iOS 11 or higher

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