No Touch Talker and Motion Pad

A motion-activated, single-message communication device

Product Features:

  • Records up to a six-second message
  • Hangs on the wall or can be set on a table
  • Requires only slight movement for activation
  • Ideal for seeking attention or assistance, making a comment, or even alerting when someone enters or leaves a room
Product Item No. Price Qty
No Touch Talker and Motion Pad NTT-01W $49.00



This tool teaches an individual to move towards a target, but doesn’t require actual contact to activate the message. Only a slight movement of a finger or toe activates the motion-sensitive device to seek attention, elicit assistance, make a comment, and more!

Record your own message. Slide the blue plastic cover over the base unit and place a picture cue or word card for a visual message. Record up to a 6-second spoken message for no-touch communication, or set the unit by your door to alert you to anyone entering or leaving the room.

Size: 2½  x 3 x ¾ x 1 inches. Weight: 5 oz. Requires three AA batteries (included).


Additional Info

Additional Info

Recording Time 6 seconds
Number of Messages 1
SIze 2½  x 3 x ¾ x 1 inches
Weight N/A
Features Use on a tabletop or hang on the wall as a motion detector, slide-on case hold picture cue, high volume, and includes three AA batteries for operation

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