Functional Math Software Bundle

Three programs to teach students important math skills

Product Features:
  • Show Me Math outlines basic math problems with illustrated graphics to support students
  • MatchTime™ covers time skills with four progressively difficult levels and sequences of multiple choice exercises
  • Dollars & Cents is a functional money skills program with three progressive levels 

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Functional Math Software Bundle FM-073W $249.00
Functional Math Software Bundle - 5 Pack FM-0573W $899.00
Functional Math Software Bundle - 20 Pack FM-2073W $2,290.00



Dollars & Cents Software has been 100% updated. It’s now available as disk-based software, an iPad app, and a cloud-based network solution.  The new Dollars and Cents features three progressive programs: Counting Coins, Spending Money, and Making Change. All feature clear, realistic graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface. Plus our money talks! Personalize each program: select activities, determine which coins and bills are presented, choose U.S. or Canadian currency, and set scanning options.

MatchTime™ Software features a programmed learning approach for students who struggle with time concepts. Four progressively difficult levels provide sequences of multiple choice exercises. Students simply find the clock that matches the large sample clock in the first three levels. Level 4 introduces the concepts of “earlier” and “later.”

Show Me Math Software links computation with actual objects by showing an animated movie for each math problem. Covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, using no number greater than 20. Features detailed record keeping to help you write IEPs.

Also available as an iPad app


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Secondary, Transition
Subject Life Skills, Math
Copyright N/A
Platform Windows, Mac
Compatibility Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS 10.7 and higher
Media Type CD
Downloadable No
License 3 Computer License

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