ALCOT: Autism and Low Incidence Classroom Observation Tool

A research-based, assessment tool to evaluate the quality of teaching strategies and standards
  • Age neutral
  • Data Capture
    Data Capture

    This product includes ongoing assessments and progress monitoring tools to capture data and document student achievement.

  • Research Based
    Research Based

    This product uses highly effective instructional strategies supported by research to promote student learning and progress.

Product Features:

  • Addresses six essential classroom traits with measurable outcomes
  • Easy-to-use, one page tool for teacher and administrator collaboration
  • Assessment Plus iPad App complements the printed versions with digitizing capability
  • Includes the ALCOT Guidebook, one tablet of ALCOT Checklist copies, one tablet of ALCOT Implementation Plan of copies, downloadable PDF for printouts, and the Assessment Plus iPad App
Grouped product items
Product Name Price Qty
ALCOT - License for One Classroom ALC-10W
ALCOT - License for Five Classrooms ALC-50W