Clip and Ring Assembly

A moderate level, pre-vocational, patterning and packaging task

Product Features:

  • Provides practice with pattern matching, inserting, and snapping
  • Clips are large and easy to open and close for metal and plastic rings
  • Metal and plastic rings slide onto the carabiner clips to match samples
  • Included within the Pre-Voc Three Kit
Product Item No. Price Qty
Clip and Ring Assembly 210A-W $129.00



For the Clip and Ring Assembly, slide metal and plastic rings on spring loaded carabiner clips, matching the ring color to the sample and placing each clip in the storage bin when completed. Practice sequencing and clip-on assembly using metal and plastic rings on spring loaded carabiner clips. The clips are large (3 x 1½-inch) and easy to open and close.

Comes with 24 carabiner clips, 180 rings in 6 colors, and all bins. Also included are step-by-step assembly instructions, performance norms, and disassembly instructions with norms. The instructions detail variations for this task.

Quality Criteria: The carabiner clips must be filled with six rings, arranged by color as in the sample. The completed clips must then be placed in the red storage bin.


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